Vinegar. Our vinegar.

So, this will be interesting.  We still have a bunch of apples to process (from my folks), but we are done with the pressing of all the windfall apples I was able to gather up.  Now I need to chase the mice out of the shed where they were being stored.  Sigh.

In other pest news, we are pleased to note that if you have a fruit fly problem, making your own cider vinegar in an out of the way corner, is a great way to ‘relocate’ the fruit fly population.  Instead of looping in drunken holding patterns over the sink, and compost tub, they are now gathered around the jars of fermenting vinegar like kids at a teen idol concert.  Happily, we all like the smell of the vinegar, as it’s a faint odor in the back part of the kitchen.  This is our first time making it, and I’m not exactly sure how to tell when it’s done, one resource said ‘when it tastes right’.  Humm.  I’m not a big vinegar swiller, so I’m not sure about that one.  The sediment has settled out even more than in the photo below, and the fluid is clearing.  There is also a lovely mat of goop on the top (the mother I suppose).  We did not  buy a starter, or add any raw to get it rolling, and I’ve read that you can get ‘off’ flavors if you let it run wild.  We’ll see.

Has anyone else done home made vinegar?  How did that work out for you?


Update! The ACV was great!  It did bubbled for a few weeks, and then started to clear.  Once it seemed to have stabalized (no more clearing or bubbling) we strained it through a milk filter, and poured it into quart jars.  It’s been a year now, and we are almost through the batch from 2012, with more going this fall (2013).  It’s been great!  No starter either time, and although it can take a week or two to get rolling, it smells great while it’s ‘brewing’.


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