Magic Winter…

My DSLR died several weeks ago, and I’ve fallen onto the cell phone camera for much of my quick, in the moment, and documentary image capture. I shared this on my facebook wall a little over a week ago, and wanted to share it here as well.

Our property is wet (long pause for impact), very wet. This makes some for some wicked mud if we don’t manage the pastures and animals well, but it also makes for an extended, almost magical time in the mornings. Fog and steam rise off the land from dawn till well into the morning, and I often find myself, staring at some beautiful scenery. It’s the kind of moment that my daughters might call ‘fairy time’ (thanks Disney), and I can imagine other worldly beings flitting about too. It is truly beautiful, and makes the wet socks, and cold fingers melt away in wonder, at the beautiful world we are stumbling through.



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