Getting Ready!

We went to one of those cool events that just sort of ‘comes together’ in the winter.  A seed exchange.  This year was a trial run, and we are hoping to grow (no pun intended) it every year.

It was a wonderful time with some good friends, sharing local gardening knowledge, coffee, seeds, and stories.


Flashy Troutback seed.

Anyone else starting to think about their garden yet?



3 thoughts on “Getting Ready!

  1. Lambstead Farms

    It was great to trade great seeds for more great seeds! It’s like magic! Bring a bowl of seeds, walk away with ten or eleven packets of other kinds of seeds! And the coffee and company was just wonderful. Thanks for helping bring it together, Adalyn Farm!

  2. Robin

    My vegetable and herb seeds are done. I’m still working on fruit plants/trees. The seed order needs to go out in the mail this week so that I can get the onions and leeks started soon.

    I found your block recently and am enjoying it.


  3. Jon Stevens

    Our first seeds are in at the farm on Camano. And down here in Mexico, the lettuce is ready to transplant, soon as we deal with some rabbits.


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