Catching our breath….

Gasp.  Caugh, wheeze.  Wowza.  Is it really mid June, like June, with a J?  Not January???  I’m not going to try in the littleist bittyist bit to apologize for not keeping up.  The weeds are almost as big as the plants in the garden, we have no functioning mower (again) so the place looks “Appellation“.  The animals outnumber the humans by odds that would give Attila the Hun pause.  We are up by 5 and to bed by 11pm on a good night.  And we love it.  The one downside?  You’ve seen it.  No posting.  Unless you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or are personal friends on Facebook, you’ve seen nothing.  I’m hoping to catch you all up.  I’ll start back when it was darker and colder, and try to get things all caught up as quickly as I can.  At least that’s the plan.  You’ll know soon enough if it’s working or not.

Oh, and big disclaimer (or, I want you to know I’ve not lost my mind with some cheep camera) The solid ol Nikon needs to visit the repair shop, and the $600 just hasn’t seem to be in hand all at one time, so till then, you’ll be relegated to sometimes cruddy cell phone pictures.  But hey, it’s always with me.


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