No poison here.

That’s right.  We haven’t used chemicals on our property.  Ever.  Nothing with a warning label (except for beer traps for slugs, but that was when we first moved in.  Now we have ducks)  I’d rather see things like the bright pink wash of wild geraniums under our deck, or the insects (our farm buzzes with life, and not just from the bees).  Even tent caterpillars are spared the toxic bath.  How do we deal with them you ask?  We pull weeds before they flower (if at all possible) squish things like tent caterpillars and aphids (bugs don’t like to hang out near squished friends) and tolerate a little more ‘English garden’ look about the place.  Do we ever worry when we see one of the kids with a piece of grass hanging out of their mouth?  No.  Our biggest worry with them, is that they will not wash the mud from their hands before picking the wild salmon berries…

image image

image image
Thant last shot is of a branch that was fully engulfed by tent caterpillars this spring, nasty squishie squishie by yours truly, and there wasn’t another tent in the orchard.  The alders around the place though?  Badly mangled.  Farmer win.



2 thoughts on “No poison here.

  1. francesca

    Non ho la più pallida idea di come ho fatto a trovare questo sito, ma devo ammettere che questo post è fantastico…! Probabilmente diventerete dei blogger famosi, se non lo siete gia’. Complimenti 😉


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