Ice Camp.

That was fast.  I’m not saying easy, just fast.  This last Tuesday as we were moving the meat chickens out on pasture, we sang ‘happy birthday to you’.  They were 8 weeks old.  Thanks to a number of different factors, they will get an extra 3 days.  Then it’s Ice Camp.  The folks who bought in on this will be on hand to lend a hand, and to take their birds home when we are done.  We have 88 birds to do, and we plan on getting an early start, I’m hoping we are cleaning up before lunch.  Oh, how far they have come.

The pens have made the turn, and are headed back to the processing area.


And here they are at just a little over 7 weeks.




One thought on “Ice Camp.

  1. adalynfarm Post author

    Post processing number crunching… And the good news… Our FCR is 2.8 to 1. All the ‘books’ say it will be around 3.8-4.2 to 1… So, our chooks apparently got more out of the pasture than most. The supergood news? We will be offering them for sale next year, and they should be a boon to our bottom line!!!


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