Crispy Kale!

Happy 4th!  I thought you might all like to enjoy something cool now that we are in the throws of summer.  Yes, it was cold this winter.  Although we got away with no snow (much to the sadness of the two small bi-peds)  This was some of the kale that didn’t get incorporated into a salad, and now, it’s being turned into next year’s seed.  It’s a wonderful cycle, and makes my lack of attention to detail (getting all the old plants pulled up) look like smart planning.  It also seemed to fit the theme of the 4th of July.  Independence.  Freedom from others telling us what to eat, and how to live.  Nothing says ‘shove it up your nose’ to the big Ag conglomerate like saving your own seed.


I hope all you and yours have a fun and relaxing Independence Day!!



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