Checking the bees in July.

I was a little worried.  One of the hives I manage had a bad die off from some pesticides a neighbor applied early in the year, and they have had a hard time coming back.  I’ve spoken with the perpetrator, and they have seen the light (vinegar kills plants too!).  The hive in Duvall has been a struggle.  I may not run it again there next year (more on that later).  The hive at the farm though is doing well.  In fact, given that I pulled a split out of them in April, they are doing really well.  There is still some bloom to go, and they have a super and change full, as well as both the brood chambers jammed with honey and a good supply of pollen.  But don’t take my word for it, check it out!


2 thoughts on “Checking the bees in July.

  1. bluestempond

    Looking good! You seem to have hives spread out all over the place. We have found that even when they are all close together you find big differences from one colony to the next.

  2. LetMBee

    Looking very good. Congrats on staying out for a month. Are you sure that box couldn’t be brought back to life with some scraping and painting? I have a bunch of them that look way worse.

    Good luck.


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