Beans! And fair…..

Happens every year.  End of July rolls around, and bam, it’s fair season, the beans are ready, fall planting needs to be done, and if it isn’t in already, it’s a really good time to get hay.  I don’t feel like I’ve slept in days, napped maybe but that’s it.  The beans always seem to be the more stressful thing for me.  Probably because they are a staple for us.  A 40-50 quart staple.  Plus all the ones we eat fresh in the summer.  And that’s just the beans.  There’s lots more that’s growing, it just seems to be the beans are ready when we don’t have time to give to them.  I even tried to get them in two weeks early this year.  Dry spell, and they seemed to creep out of the ground at a snails pace.  A second sowing is actually working out OK, as they are just now starting to set, and if we stay on top of picking them, we might get enough to put up for the winter.  Ah the unpredictability of farming/gardening/life.  Love it.



Provider (our stand by)


Soleil (new to us this year….)

What’s your favorite garden staple?



One thought on “Beans! And fair…..

  1. Elaine

    I love the kale in our garden because it is there all year long to use in salads, pasta, etc and I don’t have to harvest it at a set time or can it up…. eating it raw is the best 😉


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