Hope for next year.

Hope.  If we could grow hope, I think the world would beat a path to our door.  It would come in a little white box, with a lite blue or purple ribbon…  The box would have some heft to it, not heavy (hope isn’t really hopeful, or helpful if you can’t lift it).  Yep.  We’d be rich, although if we had enough hope to hand it out like that, we probably would just give it away, cause, well, we’d always have more.

So instead this is the kind of hope we handle.  Seeds.  Each tiny seed represents so much hope, of life, of growth, and more seeds that will come from it.  These seeds are from a dear friend, from some tomatoes she grew this year.  They are a really pretty black cherry tomato, that tastes good too!  I’ve had mixed success with tomatoes, which is fine, as we only grow veggies for ourselves at this point, but I have hope that this next year will be an improvement on the last.  Who knows some day we might just offer a veggie CSA.  For now though, we are sticking with meat.



Here’s to hope, in the coming season of thanks, for all we have, and for next year.



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