Farm tools.


The right tool for the right job, right?  It was a stretch several years ago, to pick this tool up at a pawn shop, but we did it.  My dad said “you’ll never regret putting the extra money into a better chain saw”.  I dropped it off at one of the best Stihl repair places around, in Duvall, and they tweaked a few things, and rebuilt the diaphragm.  According to them it’s a strong runner, and should give me years of service.

We are a 5-7 chord a year house, and this workhorse is just right.  It’s a touch heaver than the newer models, but with the 30″ bar, I can stand up straight and buck trees without stooping.  Heaven.  I used it to drop two dead standing alders in the chicken yard a day or two ago, and felt compelled to share the little bit of wisdom in having the right tool for what you want to do.



Hope all your winter preps are moving along!




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