Update from the farm (or Vol 1 Issue 1)

Here’s what went out this AM to folks on our mailing list.  I wanted to post it here too, as there are a few folks who might be following the blog, but haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet.  If you want to get notices like this (and the offers to get some darn tasty food) hit the link below to jump to our mailing list….

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It’s been a long cold winter… and wet, with some more cold.  Single digit temps can make summer seem a long way off, but it’s coming.  Despite all that life has thrown at us (I’ll spare you all the excuses details.) the farm is still on track.  And then there were the babies.

Baby Goats

Cute, huh?  They have chewed up the time that we might have had to get this out sooner, but here it is.  The Adalyn Farm Offering for 2014:

Our intent for 2014 is to continue with the practices we have worked very hard to put in place and offer Chickens, Turkeys and Pigs.  A more in depth ”how we do things” is in the works, and includes some of the practices indicated such as: organic feed, pasture-raised, humanely treated, sustainabily grown, by a local family, for their local community.  We’ll go into more detail on each of those points at a later date.  The critters will be grown on contract. What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, we won’t be growing anything unless we have a customer who has gotten us a deposit.

Cornish cross

Of the animals we are making plans on offering, the pastured chickens will probably be about $5 per lb. they will be the cornish cross, with a 7-8 week grow out, and the final price will depend on feed costs when the contract is written,


Pastured turkeys will probably be close to $8 per lb this year, with birds ranging from 18# to 25#. We are growing broad-breasted whites this year; butcher and pickup will be earlier than last year, so plan on freezer space for these.

Pork roast

Pastured Pork will probably be $5.00 per lb. hanging weight plus the kill, cut and wrap fees charged by Del Fox. The minimum order is a 1/4 pig. We buy weaned pigs from a local breeder, and they get farm surplus and other goodies here until butcher at 6-8 months of age.

“How can I get in line for these?!?!?”  Well, if you got this in your e-mail in-box, you’re first in line, but you need you to take another step. Please hit the link at the bottom or reply to this e-mail, and let us know your interest in what we have planned for this year. Specifically let us know what type of meats you want and how much (ex. 5 chickens, 1 turkey and 1/2 a pig).  This will let us plan for the year. Then when we send out the pre-order form, just be snappy about getting it back to us with the $$, and we’ll hold your place.  “But I didn’t get the e-mail!”  Well, then sign-up by clicking on the sign-up links on our blog/site and our facebook page.  You can also call us, or e-mail us.  Until then, get outside and enjoy the spring that’s soon going to be a distant memory…

Salmon Berry


Are you still here?  Did you miss the sign up link?  Here it is again:

Click here for our newsletter Sign Up!!


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