Mooving forward.

Well, we are insane.  That’s a sure thing now.  And it’s part of the lack of blogging.  It’s busy, in the spring, on a farm.  Heck, it’s busy all the time on a farm, spring just seems busier I think because there is a sense of the clock ticking. It hits you one day, as you sit milking, that there is more green in the dawn, and that it’s brighter sooner, and that the birds are louder and that you can’t see the neighbors house anymore, and then you realize it’s because of the leaves. Cripes you think, that means I should have greens in the ground, or at least started in the hoop house. But that needs to be weeded, as does the garden. But it’s spring, and after another 10 days of rain, and only two days of ‘sun’ the ground still isn’t back in shape to till. So it’s sit and wait on one thing, and try to get another done. And hope that dry earth, and weekends lineup. And after this little monologue with a slightly sleepy milk doe, you shake your head, and realize that if you don’t kick it up a notch, you won’t be getting down the driveway in time to make a respectable start time at the office. And you shake your head and think “why am I trying to farm and carry a full time off farm job”.

Because it’s fun. It’s hard work. It’s rewarding. I’ve met more cool people, had more rewarding conversations, and felt more satisfaction after a day of working outside than most anything else. And that’s probably because I’m doing it with my family. And that makes all the difference.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work. And adding 5 bull calves that we are bottle feeding hasn’t reduced our workload. We are handling it, and the kids are loving it. The calves are being grown out for meat, to be butchered sometime in late 2015. As with most stuff here, the calves are already spoken for. Some of the meat is going in our fridge, and the rest is going to the family that’s going to be pasturing them, once they have weaned. We just don’t have the room to do everything we want to here.

So here’s Copper.


And again…



The other four are Zinc, Mercury, Calcium, and Thorium.  Photos of the lot are on our flicker, and on my instagram…  Copper and Zinc are Jersey, Thorium is Holstein and Merc and Cal are Jersey Holstein crosses.



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