Meat Chickens are on their way!!!

Went out via e-mail to our subscribers a few days ago.  There are just a few left…

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It’s finally time!  The cute little fluff balls will be showing up via US mail next week!  That’s 100 little nuggets, that will get all organic feed, fresh air and  sunshine in our chicken tractors, to spend all their days on our farm.  Then we’ll process them and you can pick them up!!  We will be processing them on Saturday August 16th, and yours should be ready to pick up in the afternoon!

The birds will be $5.25 per lb this year, and probably won’t quite be the #5.03 average they were last year, as they will be getting done about 5 days earlier.  We require a $15 per bird deposit, and at this point we are limiting folks to 10 birds per family (we have had folks ask for 25 or 30 birds in the past, and as much as we wish we could run the 1000, or 2000 birds a year that would allow us to do that, we can’t and really want as many folks as possible to experience local, organic, free range chicken)

“How can I get in line for these?!?!?”  Well, as we have kids, we are aware of trying to keep everything fair.  We will send out the pre-order/contract to folks in the order that they reply to this e-mail, they will have 48 hours to get the deposit to us, and as folks get us their deposits they will get their place in line.  So, it might take a few days for you to get the order form if other folks are in line in front of you.  Yes we did think of just sending out the order form, with our PayPal info and such, but, we didn’t want to deal with returning deposits for dozens of birds if lots of folks responded without checking to see if we still had some available.  You can also call if you would rather, or have questions, but we do need the signed contract and deposit to hold your birds.

Thanks! and we are looking forward to seeing you in August!!! (or before, if you want to come and see your birds ‘on the hoof’)

The Adalyn Farmers
19313 22nd Ave NW
Stanwood WA 98292


5 thoughts on “Meat Chickens are on their way!!!

    1. adalynfarm Post author

      Karen, we can certainly show you how! Legally we are not allowed to butcher other people’s animals. But we can show you how! Drop us an e-mail and we can talk through the details.

      1. Karen Bloom

        Thanks for the response! I have butchered plenty of chickens in the past, I just don’t like dealing with the mess and I won’t get any assistance from my family so I am looking for a clean, humane place to have them butchered. I’ve had laying hens for a number of years, and next spring I hope to get some meat chickens to raise in chicken tractors for the summer.

        Thanks again! Karen

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