Time to mow.




Have gas, will mow.image


It’s a little daunting, but it needs to be done.  Although we run chicken tractors, rotationally grazed dairy goats and children on the farm, there are some areas where a tight close urban style cutting is required.  Specifically to keep pests out.  Weed and rodent.  Around the house (especially in the fall) we cut the grass close, to create a bit of moat to keep the rats at bay.  Around the garden, we mow during the summer, to reduce wind blown seed, and to discourage rabbits and voles from hiding in the tall grass to wonder in and much on the tubers, greens and young plants…  Works like a charm.  When it gets done.  When it doesn’t, we have trouble.  Last year, we lost 80% of our bean crop, and 75% of our potatoes to voles.  This year, I have gas, a non bagging mower and will power.  Now I just need the time….


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