Growing beef. (Grass Camp)

Time to send then to grass camp.  It’s been a lot of fun, the five boys have pulled bottles out of our hands, run up and down our driveway in a mad panic (with us not much calmer) and sucked on many an offered hand (or non offered elbow, or boot top, or flap of fabric)


Here are the boys, all of them over 90# and two over 120# getting the last of their morning grain on the farm.


We are glad we moved them when we did.  They all just fit in the back of the short bed truck, and it was a grunt to get the big one in…  (note cute skinny calf butts, and the unkind reflections in the truck tailgate)



They all got a window seat, and also helped clean off the interior of the canopy with their Velcro tongues.



Unloaded at the the new home!  They will eat their way through the 8 acres of fenced paddocks at our friends farm till September of 2015.  They still have a long way to go, and lots of good food ahead of them.



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