Fall on the Farm.

It was getting cold.  But then yesterday, it was 70…  That does mean that winter greens are a full go.  In fact, we are trying out some really late sowing.  Elliott Coleman has written several books about winter greens, and he lives several degrees north of us.  So we get more sun, and less snow.  It’s a process right?

So’s the farm.  Turkey’s go to ice camp later this week, and we had a stretch of nice weather, so I figured I’d show you around the farm.

Leaves and webs

Mist and spiders…

Root Veggies

We love winter root veggies.  Roasted.

Chard delta

Chard Delta (like a river delta, get it?)


Spinach (with renegade Bok Choy).  So far pest damage is almost nill in the hoop house.  #ftw

Safe turkeys

Just a few more days.  Moved twice a day, you should see them hit the grass when they get moved to a fresh spot.  Even with a full feeder.  Crazy.  #pasturedturkeys

So, there is the farm!  For today anyhow.  It changes from day to day, and really from moment to moment. Next year is going to be similar but really different too, as in more of the same. We are looking forward to next year. After this winter, cause just like the garden, and pasture, and dairy does, we all need rest.


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