Tough times….

Farmer Joscelyn summed it up well, so I’m not going to add much more than what she shared on Facebook this morning.

“Many tears at Adalyn Farm today…we had to put down our sweet old llama, Samson. He was such a great guard for the goats that he loved and watched over so faithfully and a big, gentle friend to our girls. He was always so patient with the baby goats as they would climb all over him and treat him like a personal jungle gym; it would remind me to be more patient with my kids. He only spit once and that was at the vet who was poking him with a big needle-totally justified. He was typically quite dignified and stoic and if he could have spoken he would have sounded like Sean Connery, but every so once in a while he would break into a goofy prancing llama run and you would see his sense of humor come out. As you can see, he looked fabulous in a cowboy hat, and whenever the local fair needed a llama representative to come and show how nice llamas can be, they would call us and ask for Sam. Samson, you will be sorely missed; rest in peace big guy, you totally deserve it!”


Farming is hard, not always in ways you expect.  We do know that Sam loved living here, and we loved having him here.  We develop a relationship with the animals we care for, it’s oddly mathematical, and dependent on the time they are here, their intelligence, and the frequency with which we interact with them.  Sam came to our farm in 2008 with some pesky little goats, who have since moved on, but he has remained.  He’s lovingly watched over dozens of baby goats, and our herd as it’s evolved.  We have never worried about our goats, even when the song dogs are singing in the woods along the creek, because Sam was with them.  It’s going to be an uneasy winter, but at least we will know that Sam, who did not have an easy summer, will not be uncomfortable and cold this winter.  I’ll leave you with some more images, while I go find a kleenex

Sam and goats2 Sam and goatsIf you jump over to the Adalyn Farm Facebook page, (link here), we have a video of some of Sam’s times here on the farm.  I couldn’t find the footage of the goats jumping on him while he stood and ‘put up with it’, but if I do, I’ll post it there as well.



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