Into the fall!

Alternate titles include “The pigs are getting fat”, “Dark days are coming” and “What I wanted to post”.  Ah the best laid plans.  Although a plan is better than a wish, or something like that.  I had planned to post about our pigs on the same day we had our Llama go down.  Caring for livestock isn’t like having a pet cat or dog.  You can’t always just load them up in the car and whisk them into the emergency vet.  Sometimes problems happen at 5am, and the only person on call with a response time that will work in the given situation is you.  So things go delayed.  I’m sure you understand, at least, given the response on social media, folks understand.

So what about the plan? Well, like my current favorite quote “a dream with no plan is just a wish” we have a plan for 2015, and beyond.  It’s ambitious, and exciting, and I am sure it will be fun.  It includes a little more in the way of updates, and food, and fun.  But I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon (and not because I’m not a fan of cats, but because we need it to be dialed in before we start shouting things from the mountaintop).

Now to the pigs, cute aren’t they?

Fat Pigs

They have been moved three times now, on our property.  Unless you’ve had pigs, on your property, without perimeter fencing, you may not appreciate the gravity of that last statement.  They weigh around #200 now, and don’t come when they are called.  In fact, they kind of do whatever they want.  And when you want them to go from one electric fence enclosure to another, it isn’t exactly like you can open a gate and lead them in.  Let’s just say it sometimes involves lots of running, and the expenditure of vast quantities of treats.  And pigs are fast.  Think of them like a small hippo.

But it has gone well (so far).  A little panic when someone was leading them at a high rate of speed into the new paddock, and after dropping the feed pan, the pigs thought it would be more fun to keep chasing the person (in case they kept dropping treats).  The fence was cleared, and I’d give the jump a clean 10/10, however the landing was a bit rough, probably only a 7.5/10.  However, since everyone ended up where they were supposed to, it’s a win.

We are sold out for the year, turkeys for thanksgiving, and meat chickens.  The pigs are pre-sold as well.  Never fear, our plans are for more of all of the above next year, and if you and anyone you know would like to get a shot at any of the goods, have them sign up for our newsletter.  Sign up is on facebook ( and on our main page on our web site.  If you wonder over to the facebook page, please give it a like, if you haven’t, and if you’ve enjoyed any of our farm offerings, we’d be super grateful if you gave us a review.  I think that’s all for now.  But there is more to come!

~The Adalyn Farmers

ps- thank you to all the folks who had us grow food for them this last year!  It was a profound honor to be your farmers!


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