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March on the Farm!!

Hello Farmily!

What a spring!! It’s been wonderfully warm, seeds are starting, grass is growing and baby goats are bounding about the farm! It’s also still really wet. Liquid sunshine we like to call it. Here’s to hoping we avoid a drought this summer! (Speaking of summer, make sure you read to the end for a special offer!!!)

After a dark cold winter it’s nice to be enjoying some of the left over greens from the garden. It’s also exciting to see all the little specks and flecks in the seed packets come to life, lift their hands to the light and GROW!

25343538483_8891c57acf_o  Basil, Nasturtium, Calendula and Pac Choi!

That’s not the only thing growing on the farm! Last Friday Marbles, the spotted doe threw (that’s farm talk for gave birth) to two strapping bucklings (boys). They are getting bottles 4 times a day, and are getting more coordinated every day.


They even came out to say hi to our new puppy Logan! With all that’s going on right now, it’s still pre-CSA season! We have a little late March special for those of you who haven’t signed up for our CSA yet! How does a free week of veggies sound to you? If you sign up by the end of March, we will give you a free week of veggies!! That’s 6 months of fresh, seasonal, classic garden treats for less than $22 a week, and you’ll get a week for free!! Everyone likes free. Just click the link, and fill out the order form. We’ll bill you later (yes we can take payments)


(and one last shot of the cute brothers!)10644548_988441941233495_6519725631384055264_n




Polar Vortex, done.

It was cold.  For us anyhow.  I have family in Michigan, close enough to Lake Michigan to get some wicked lake effect weather.  I try not to complain too much, since they tend to treat my grumblings like childish whining.  Regardless, our critters are used to 40’s, not teens.  So when we run daytime highs around 28, I whine on their behalf.  Chores are all about water and extra food, dry bedding and checking for drafts.  The nice thing about cold weather at the farm, it means sun, and no mud!!!  Here are some shots from the farm instagram feeds.  Both Farmer Joscelyn and Farmer Adam have started using Instagram, not because we’re all hipster, but because it so easy to share what’s happening, real time.  So here are some shots, of the frozen ground and fuzzy critters…

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Toasty pig. No food, no facetime.

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It’s actually raining now, with the temps up.  And we are hi fiving, as some of our winter greens test garden came through with little to no damage!!!  These were all harvested after the run of mid teen overnight temps.

This bodes well for next winter.  We might just have a few shares of winter greens to offer up.  Stay tuned.


Getting Ready!

We went to one of those cool events that just sort of ‘comes together’ in the winter.  A seed exchange.  This year was a trial run, and we are hoping to grow (no pun intended) it every year.

It was a wonderful time with some good friends, sharing local gardening knowledge, coffee, seeds, and stories.


Flashy Troutback seed.

Anyone else starting to think about their garden yet?


Runner Beans.

We were able to spend almost a full Saturday at The Open Gate Farm, with Grammy and Grandpa, before they headed off on their mission trip.  They were kind enough to introduce us to Scarlet Runner Beans, well, more like, our little helper wanted to help Grammy shell some dry beans, and it just went from there.  It helped that the little helper’s favorite color is Purple (Burple).  The beans were beautiful, to say the least.  We also dug a bunch of beets, and picked a couple hundred pounds of apples (sauce, cider, and chips).  I’m not sure what we are going to do with all the beets in our garden now that we have almost all the pickled beets we go through in a year put up.  I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

Note the purple ‘holey shoes’

Beans and pods.


Littlest hands holding the beans.

Some wonderful memories.



We are trying something new on the farm this year. Sheet mulch. I saved a bunch of boxes from work, and although we don’t read the paper, a co-worker saved some for us. The area by the hoop house will be for squash, gourds and such. What you don’t see is the deep pile of half rotten hay from a wet round bale we had. Once the weather is better the zucchini, acorn squash, pumpkin, hubbard and other winter squash will go in.

The beans and potatoes (coming in another post) went in today as well. Summer is coming!!!

Baby chicks went into the deck brooder today as well. Ah peace and quiet in the house again.

All done with potatoes.

Late summer and fall are busy times. Today we finished digging potatoes and horseradish. The apple sauce was done last night and if the weather holds today we might get enough yellow raspberries picked for a last batch of jam.

I am hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule, and although one might think the first fire in the wood stove signals a slow down, there is still much to do.

Oh and I will work in dragging out the camera more as well.

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