Bucks, Does and Wethers for sale.

Annual CAE CL Johne’s test pending. Bottle fed and loved on by our family.

Buck for sale:

RUBYSTAR NQ CID’S QUIPU (we call him Firgus).

ADGA Registration #N1657764 Performance Pedigree:N1657764 *B ETA -57 -73

He was born April 2012 and has been an excellent herd sire for us.  We have retained too many of his offspring however and need to find another farm with some girls to romance.  He is very friendly and easy to manage, although he is a large buck and when in rut should be treated with respect.  $400.00


Spring Babies:

Nubian Buckling:


This handsome moonspotted buckling is a real sweetheart.  He looks just like his daddy, whose babies have done well at fairs, and have gotten many compliments for their conformation and beautiful coloring.  He was born 4/1/17, twin to a doeling.  Above buck is his grand sire, and his mother (first freshener) gave over 800# of milk during her lactation cycle.


(Photos from May, at 8 weeks.)

Nubian Doeling:


Twin to Indigo above.  Jade is a character, full of spunk.  She carries her grand sire’s white ears, so her babies are likely to as well.


Better photo to follow.

Nigerian Dwarf Wethers:

Rocky Road (aka “Rocket Man”) and Creme Brulee (aka “Cremmy”)

These two adorable boys love each other, peanuts, and people.  We would love to see them go together.  Rocky Road’s disbudding did not take well, resulting in a unicorn horn, but he would never think to use it on anyone.  Come meet these sweet brothers; they will steal your heart!

$150 for the pair.


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