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Pigs. The new bacon. (with video)

We have wanted pigs for at least four years. Two years ago, we could see how it would make sense, to have a couple of milk goats, and feed the extra milk to a pig (not to mention all the scrap veggies).  Last year farmer Adam was the one who shot it down, given that we only had one doe in milk and we weren’t sure how she was going to hold up. The economics make sense, even if we were to raise the pig on all store bought feed, but that’s not what we like to do (grow critters out on nothing but store bought feed that is…).
This year we have three does in milk, and all the cheese making in the world isn’t keeping up. So last week, after checking with a few folks who had mentioned that they might be interested, we bought two pigs. And we love them. They aren’t so sure about us though.

I’m fact, it was a little touch and go for a few minutes.  Farming is about learning, we we do a lot of that.  They ended up spending a few days in a more pig proof pen while they learned about hot wires.  It’s all good now, and they both know people often mean food, sometimes even marshmallows.


Too distracted by their new dirt to bother with the guy scratching their backs.


First time with dirt under their feet!


Thanks for the tasty food!

I don’t know what posses me to talk baby talk to animals.  It’s kind of creepy.