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Piggerators. And change.

I could not love these guys more.  And as much as I’m going to miss them when they are gone, I’m going to love them still (as bacon, sausage etc).

Dinner Time

We started with two pigs as a trial a few months ago.  Tracking time, expenses, that kind of thing.  Although pigs are/were new to us, we had wanted them for several years.  We often have a surplus of milk, and produce from the garden.  In the fall, it seems like the compost pile and chickens eat as well as we do, and while that’s all well and good, giving pounds and pounds of apple and pear pealing to the compost pile seems almost like a waste.  Especially when I know you can make them into tasty pork products.  So this fall, with gallons of goat milk in the fridge, and the cheese shelf mostly full, we got two little weaner pigs.  Harry and Tubbs, came to live with us, and while it took us a little time to gain their trust, they now come barking when they see the green feed bucket.

Happy Ham

The other aspect of pig keeping is their rooting.  As you may know, we are running all our critters on pasture, goats, chickens, ducks and turkeys.  We wanted to give the pigs similar treatment, but didn’t want to sacrifice any grazing area to them.  So they make me a bigger veggie garden.  The area I got into vegetables this year was about half of what I wanted.  I ran out of time (and mulch) and the rest of the garden was quickly overrun by quackgrass.  Enter Piggerators.  I was a little nervous at first, as they only picked at the turf in a few places.  Then more, and early last week, I paused and looked at the tilling they had done.  It’s complete.  Utter devastation.  If I were a grass root, I would not want to be in their pen.  All I need to do now, is go through and pick up the roots that are littering the surface of the soil.  Just look at the first and last photos, a few weeks apart, and they have been getting fed in the same place…


Just a little more rooting and they will have the other half of the garden to play in!

As far as change goes, it’s only on the outside.  You’ll see some little things getting tidied up (new logo, and I’m going to refine the web site).  We are excited about this having worked with a great graphic artist out of Sacramento CA for our logo.  Stationary, and real business cards are in the works too!