I’ve got scrambled eggs in my pocket!

Not that I would eat them.  And they still need to be cooked…

I was gathering chicken eggs this morning and getting an earful from the two geese.  We had gotten a couple of goose eggs over the past couple of days and I figured there was another one.  Sure enough, and it was a stretch to reach it under the coop, just as I was backing out the gander decided it was worth his life to rush me and in my haste to get vertical I heard a slight “crunch” in my  coat pocket.  Mmm scrambled eggs!

In my defense, I am still in denial that we are getting more than four or five eggs a day from our hens (it’s more like 11 or 12) and am still not taking the “egg bucket” out to collect them in.  I can fit 12 eggs in the pockets of my chore coat, and for now, that’s working (and fueling my denial that I am going to be spending more time washing eggs).

We are now up to 5 goose eggs and hope to have a full dozen by the time the fairs roll around.  If you want to see what they look like cooked, take a look at my post from last year: Holy Goose Egg!


2 thoughts on “I’ve got scrambled eggs in my pocket!

  1. emily

    Sounds familiar. We don’t have any geese, but we do live on a hill (which I tend to run down) and fill our pockets with eggs daily. For some reason I always end up carrying eggs around while doing other chores, so as I squeeze through gates and haul hay I’m always trying to remember which pocket I put the eggs in and checking to see if they are still whole. Usually when they break it is because I take out most the eggs and miss one, and then when I put my coat back on I think I’m eggless, but I’m not, crunch, oops. I can’t fit six in each pocket, more like four tops. We have to check for eggs at least twice a day or they freeze, so that keeps the numbers down.


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