Holy Goose Egg!

Well it’s spring time!  The Geese are trying like mad to keep me in shin splints.  You haven’t lived till you have run in fear, as an adult, from an angry momma goose (yea hold the chuckles, you try bending over in a small wire enclosure to raid a nest with two disgruntled parents honking like crazy at the door, my fanny must have a big ol’ target on it).  Don’t let them get a hold of your pant leg either.  They have wings like baseball bats.  And she has good reason.  At an egg every two or three days, she has once again become the “golden goose”.  Why on earth would we be taking our goose’s precious eggs?  Cause there good!  Really good!  They taste more like a chicken egg than a duck egg.  We know that they are about as organic as you can get here.  Somewhere north of 80% of their diet is grass.  The chicken yard looks like a putting green, cut close and fertilized well.  The eggs are nice too.  Your average 3 year old can drop it 5 times and it won’t break (as long as it’s first bounce isn’t a rock).  Once hacked open in the house they fry up well (hold you cholesterol batman!) the yoke is the size of a normal chicken egg.  You can make a respectable 3 egg omelet from one goose egg.  They are a bit like gold, we get $2 each for them, and at that price we get to eat a good number of them ourselves.

We would let Toulouse set on the eggs to have babies, but we have a moritorium on new critters at the moment.  Probably a good thing too.  The last thing I need are more goose nests to check next spring.  I am going to go ice my shins.  And enjoy a nice hot breakfast…

Here is a link to the ALBCA’s page on Toulouse geese.


2 thoughts on “Holy Goose Egg!

  1. Lynn

    This picture just made me really, really hungry. Well, it’s 7:50am right at the moment, so now I’m looking forward to making some eggs for breakfast! Not the goose eggs, though.

    Nice blog.


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